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“Agro Haryana” is a digital news platform run by web star digital Pvt Ltd created with the aim of updating all the big and small news of Haryana and the country. “Agro Haryana” has become a popular Hindi news portal in a very short span of time and is continuously maintaining its reputation.
Our aim is to deliver the main news of all the districts of Haryana to the world. “Agro Haryana” publishes daily all types of news including politics, entertainment, job, sports, education, crime, and spirituality.
“Agro Haryana” is known all over Haryana for its fearless and fair journalism. It is a platform where all the burning issues are raised without any restrictions. Furthermore, we value and practice neutrality. All the news on “Agro Haryana” are displayed in their original form with utmost impartiality. So, stay tuned to “Agro Haryana” to get the latest news on all Haryana news like (crime, politics, sports, culture, fashion, traffic, weather, new trends and education, etc.) in their real form.

Our Team Members
Sr. No    Name                        Designation
1         Mr. Sandeep Kumar    Owner/Senior Chief Editor 
2         Mr Sahil Verma            Account Department
3         Mrs Aarti Chawala          Content writer
4         Mr Dinesh Kumar           Content Writer
5         Mrs Pooja Suthar           Content Writer
6         Mrs Sunita Kagra           Content Writer
7         Mrs Shruti Thakur           Content Writer
8         Mr Sandeep Kumar        Content Writer
9         Mrs Monika Chhimpa      Content Writer
10       Mrs Anupma Jhakar        Social Media Department
11       Mr Sudesh Kumar            Accounting and Legal

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