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These 5 features of Gmail are very useful, every user should know about them

 Hidden Features of Gmail: Nowadays most of the people use Gmail. With the help of email you can convey your message to someone. This is considered a professional way of communication. 
 These 5 features of Gmail are very useful, every user should know about them
Agro Haryana, New Delhi There are some amazing features available on Gmail which can further improve your experience. With the help of these features, it will be easier for the user to write emails. 

Let us tell you about five such features available on Gmail, which can be useful for you. 


Imagine you have a filing cabinet that manages itself. Gmail's labels do exactly the same thing. Now you don't need to scroll through your inbox. You can create custom labels for specific projects, clients, or categories. 

You can delete unnecessary emails with one click and focus only on those that are really important.

Snooze for Later

Sometimes it happens with all of us that an important email comes at a time when we are busy in some other work. In such a situation, we forget to see that email. Snooze for later feature can help you in this situation. 

As soon as you press the snooze button, that email will magically disappear from your inbox and will reappear later at the time of your choice. The Snooze for Later feature ensures that no important email is accidentally missed.

Smart Compose

This is a very useful feature. This feature helps the user to write good emails. As the user starts typing the email, the Smart Compose feature suggests sentence completion.

This is a wonderful feature and also saves your time. This feature automatically suggests words so that you can write emails quickly and well. 

Undo Send

Sometimes it happens with all of us that we send an email in a hurry and later find out that there was a mistake in it or we forgot to add an attachment. This feature helps you in such situations. 

With the help of undo send feature, you can take back the email within a few seconds of sending it and correct your mistake and send it again. 

Confidential Mode

If you're sharing sensitive information via email, Confidential Mode ensures that your message is automatically deleted after a set period of time. This provides additional security to your information. 

After turning on this feature, receivers will not be able to copy, print, forward or download the content of your email.

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