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Income tax notice will come even after filing ITR, taxpayers should know the important thing

Recently many people received notices from the Income Tax Department. There was a mismatch problem in his Income Tax Return (ITR). Many times people do not understand that even though they filed their ITR on time and gave all the information in it, they still get a notice from the Income Tax Department. Let us know for what reasons a notice from the department may come. Let us know about it in detail.
 Income tax notice will come even after filing ITR, taxpayers should know the important thing

Agro Haryana, New Delhi Many people pay their taxes on time. All their documents are also in order. Still, he receives a notice from the Income Tax Department. Recently also there was news that the tax department has sent notices to many people.

Let us know why you may receive a notice from the Income Tax Department and what things you can keep in mind to avoid the notice.

Be careful of spelling mistakes

After filing income tax return, everything should be double-checked carefully. Try not to commit any mistake knowingly or unknowingly. Especially, attention should be paid to spelling mistakes in things like name and address. This information should be same in your PAN, Aadhaar and ITR.

Provide information about all earnings

All taxpayers should file their tax returns as per their tax slab. All details related to income should be given. This also includes investment and interest earnings. Hiding any source of income may result in a notice from the Income Tax Department.

Tell us about your foreign property

You should also share all the information related to your property. If you have any property abroad, then it should also be mentioned while filing the return. If you are getting any income from it, then tell about that also.

Don't cheat for discounts

Some people commit fraud to get tax exemption. They resort to fake donations, fake school fees of children and fake rent receipts. But, such people come under the radar of the Income Tax Department. Therefore, do not commit fraud in your ITR even by mistake.

Get ITR filed by a professional

If you want to avoid minor mistakes while filing ITR, then try to get it filed by a professional. In such a situation, the scope for those small mistakes will also be eliminated, which can become a cause of trouble for you later.

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