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If you want to do a job abroad, then take special care of these 3 things to avoid fraud.

 Nowadays, many youth prefer to go abroad due to better employment opportunities and attractive salary packages available abroad
 If you want to do a job abroad, then take special care of these 3 things to avoid fraud.
Agro Haryana, New Delhi Apart from this, the good lifestyle of foreigners also attracts them a lot.

fraud cases

However, this is not so easy, because there are many cases of fraud involving youth who want to go abroad in search of jobs. 

need to be alert

In such a situation, you need to be very alert, otherwise fraudsters can take advantage of your wishes. Let us know which three things you need to keep in mind before accepting a job offer abroad…

New method of fraud

Fraudsters have now adopted this new method of fraud. They target youth seeking jobs abroad. There, they demand a huge amount of money in return for providing any kind of work or job. 

Promise of attractive employment

A recent incident has drawn attention to this, in which dozens of Indians were lured with the promise of lucrative employment in Russia. After reaching there, he was forced to join the Russian army and was deployed on the Ukraine border to join the war.

Foreign Ministry advisory

In view of similar fraudulent activities, the Ministry of External Affairs issued an advisory in December 2023, warning against increasing incidents of exploitation by unregistered recruitment agents. In order to avoid falling prey to fake job offers, the Ministry has asked to keep these things in mind...

Recruitment Agent Registration Number

Youth looking for jobs abroad have been advised by the Ministry of External Affairs to first verify the registration number of any agent contacting them regarding foreign employment. The list of registered numbers of authentic agents is available on the Government of India website 

Agents can demand this much amount

Under the Immigration Act 1983, recruitment agents can demand a maximum of Rs 30,000 from applicants. No agent is allowed to demand more money than this. If someone does this then you need to be careful. This could be a warning for you to avoid danger.

Please verify the offer letter.
On successful recruitment by a foreign company, candidates are given an off letter, which needs to be scrutinized carefully. As advised by the Ministry of External Affairs, the letter must contain an agreement or employment contract detailing the terms and conditions of employment as well as salary and other relevant information.

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