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Apple turns 48: Company sold 411000 iPhones in one day, know such interesting facts

Whenever there is talk of smart devices, the name of Apple comes at the top. Whenever Apple launches a device, it becomes a top seller. Besides this, it is also discussed a lot. 
 Apple turns 48: Company sold 411000 iPhones in one day, know such interesting facts
Agro Haryana, New Delhi On April 1, 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Inc. in California. Initially the word computer was added to the name Apple. But in 2007, the word computer was removed from the name and Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone in the market. 

Today Apple turns 48 years old. Today we are going to tell you some interesting facts about Apple, which you might not know. Do you know how many iPhones Apple sells in a day? Let us know such interesting facts...

Apple sold 411000 iPhones in one day

In 2013, Apple sold 411,000 iPhones in one day. This is a huge number and shows how popular the iPhone is.

Why is the time written in the advertisement 9:41?

Ever noticed that almost every Apple ad shows the same time - 9:41? This is because it is related to the time when Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone in 2007.

Actually his presentation started at around 9:00 and when he showed the iPhone the time on screen was around 9:41. After this, the first iPod was launched around the same time in 2010.

Launched own clothing line in 1987

Apple is not only known for technology products like iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, but perhaps you don't know - in 1987, Apple also launched a clothing range called "The Apple Collection".

Why was the company named Apple?

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple company, named the company "Apple". The interesting thing is that he liked Apple very much. Once when he was on a fruit-only diet, he thought the name "Apple" sounded fun and exciting. That's why he gave this name to the company.

Samsung makes iPad displays

Apple and Samsung may seem to be competitors in the market, but the truth is that Samsung makes Retina Display for Apple's iPad.


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